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By Smokey, August 19, 2014 0 Gaming

Phil Fish has once again made a complete ass of himself via Twitter. He tweeted the following: Shut the &*$*# up about Fez 2.  Gamers don’t deserve it. #EntitledGamers     Pretty sure you have to be the biggest douchebag… Read More »

By Smokey, August 11, 2014 0 PS4, Xbox One

Today, Activision has revealed the multiplayer for the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.  The new game is due out on November 4th and can be pre-ordered now. Here is the trailer for the multiplayer. Our take:   The trailer… Read More »

By Smokey, August 5, 2014 0 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Capcom has officially announced that it will be remastering their classic Resident Evil REmake from 2002 on Next-Gen and Last-Gen hardware. The remastered edition of the cult classic will be available on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, XBox 360… Read More »

By Shortie, July 28, 2014 0 Gaming, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One

As many know by now, if you are an Xbox Live Gold member you each month get free games you can download to your console and keep. We have seen some pretty cool titles being made available for free over… Read More »

By Shortie, July 16, 2014 0 Gaming

It has been confirmed that EA will no longer be supporting The Sims 2 with technical updates or new content packs. It is being reported though that players can still contact EA support if they have any technical difficulties with the… Read More »

By Shortie, July 16, 2014 0 Gaming

Ever remember when you were a kid and you used to watch Saturday morning cartoons? Maybe you even remember Tom and Jerry? Now you can turn your Minecraft into a cartoon theme with the new packs released to the game… Read More »

By Shortie, July 15, 2014 0 Site News

It was confirmed this week (07.14.14) on Monday Night Raw that Sting will be available for WWE 2K15 as a playable character as a launch exclusive. There was much speculation after Sting posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account… Read More »

By Shortie, July 15, 2014 0 Site News

Confirmed by a trailer released this week there are going to be three new characters coming to Super Smash Bros. The characters that have been confirmed by the trailer are Fire Emblem’s and Lucina, Robin and F-Zero’s Captain Falcon. It… Read More »

By Smokey, July 1, 2014 0 Gaming, Site News

The video game child prodigy Cliff  “Cliffy B”  Bleszinski  is said to be coming out of retirement and will be making video games again.  Cliffy B states via twitter I’m officially coming out of retirement to make video games again, Stay… Read More »

By Smokey, June 25, 2014 0 Gaming, PS4, Sony

If you’re interested in Bungie’s upcoming shooter “Destiny”? Then you better pre-order your copy before July 17th,  A blog post by Sony earlier was incorrectly posted that stated beta access would be for everyone with a Playstation Plus subscription. This… Read More »