Becoming A Motivational Speaker

It is difficult to master the art of public speaking. However, people who have already successfully made a speech or a presentation in front of a lot of people and are passionate about the art of getting people to listen can become great motivational speakers.

Help-Your-Community-Becoming-a-Motivational-SpeakerNowadays, the job of being a motivational speaker has gained a lot of opportunities and popularity. A lot of people are now considering being in the same industry. Aside from the job being a fruitful profession, a person can easily earn $500 to $100,000 just for a session or seminar only.

Here are some efficient tips and strategies that you can try for yourself in order to achieve your goal being a motivational speaker.

  • How To Become A Motivational Speaker

1. Choose The Topics That You Want To Speak About.
Being a motivational speaker, you can talk about different things:

How to be successful, how to be happy, how to be fulfilled or how to engage in a better relationship with your partner, your family, your friends or your colleagues. There are no topics that you can’t speak about as long as the topic can motivate and inspire your audiences to do something.

Think about what your passions are. Base your topics on those things that you feel strongly about. If you are not familiar with what you are saying, then, motivating your audiences will be hard for you.

2. Make Your Topics Relevant and Up-To-Date.
Motivational speakers who talk about how to use a pager or a typewriter are not effective speakers. During these modern times, you should talk about something which is timely.

3. Become The Expert.
Read and study everything about your topic. You should be familiar with everything which is current in your chosen subject since all of your audiences will expect that you know everything about your motivational speech.

4. Be Familiar With Your Audiences.
You should be able to understand your audience.

There are a lot of different people who communicate in different ways. You should be able to find a way on how you can deal with these different people coming from different walks of life.

5. Take Different Classes in Public Speaking To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills.
You can enrol either in your local community college or you can also check organizations offering this program.

Motivational speakers speak comfortably in front of their audiences; and your goal is to be more comfortable talking to a large group of people.

6. Practice and Record All Of Your Speeches.
Recording all of your speeches will give you the opportunity to watch and listen to yourself as if you are a part of the audience.

This will help you see yourself in the form of another person and will help you make improvements when necessary.Pay more attention to the details which can inspire other people.
Good motivational speakers make eye contact, sound natural, confident, and motivational, and use their body language to engage with their audiences.

7. Practice Writing.
Motivational speakers are also good writers. They may have to provide their audiences with written material in support with what their motivational speech is all about, and create drafts of their speech in written form.

Try and write your own blog. You can keep this blog updated and publish motivational articles whenever you have an opportunity.


Having your own blog will not only help you in improving your motivational speaking skills; it can also be an instrument for you to talk to your audiences as well.

8. Invest On Different Equipments and Props.
Most motivational speakers have their own workbooks, large screens, presentations, and projectors ready whenever they are giving their motivational speeches.Choose the equipments and props you are most comfortable with.